Privacy Policy


Business Information:

Data Collection:

  • No personal data is actively collected. Information provided through the contact form is only used to respond to inquiries and is not stored or used for any other purpose.
  • The website uses one functional, necessary cookie (WpEmojiSettingsSupports) to store browser details, which expires at the end of the session and does not store any personal data.

Data Sharing and Disclosure:

  • No data is shared with third parties.

Data Storage and Security:

  • No data is stored from the website’s side. The WpEmojiSettingsSupports cookie is stored in the user’s browser until the end of the session.

User Rights and Choices:

  • Users do not have specific rights regarding data collected through the website. They can manage cookies through their browser settings.

Changes to the Privacy Policy:

  • Users are encouraged to review the privacy policy each time they visit the website. The policy will be updated whenever there are changes to the website’s functionality.
  • Last Update: The privacy policy has not been updated before. Future updates will coincide with changes to website functionality.

Contact Information:

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